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State of the Art Facilities and Equipment.

State of the Art Facilities and Equipment.

Kids Love Us and Parents Trust Us
The most comprehensive paediatric dental services

We accept child dental benefits under Medicare.

Embrace a healthy-looking smile
The perfect smile with Invisalign aligners and braces

Ask for an appointment with our Specialist Orthodontists.

Kids No Gap Check-Up & Clean

• Comprehensive dental check-up and clean
• Full x-rays of your child's teeth and jaw
• Professional clean, scale & fluoride therapy

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About Rickard Dental Centre

We are a premier Oral Health Care provider in Sydney with a team of world-class dentists and specialists conveniently located in the heart of Bankstown.

Rickard Dental Centre provides a comprehensive range of specialized dental care services, all under one roof in a state-of-the-art facility. Our priority is to provide the highest standards of evidence-based dental care. We provide professional, gentle, painless dental treatment in the heart of Bankstown.

Embrace a healthy looking smile – Call for an appointment with our experienced Orthodontists.

Our expertise includes

We use several methods of sedation techniques for a pain-free dental experience. We use the latest in digital technologies for your health care requirements for the most outstanding results.

Happy Stories

  • The team at Rickard Dental Centre are very professional, honest, reasonably priced, caring and have state of the art dentistry equipment. I was referred to the practice by a friend at work who highly recommended them. I was surprised that the dentist is a medical doctor as well as a dentist so I felt very confident and comfortable with his positive attitude, knowledge and more than 25 years of experience. I was very impressed with their customer service, the way the dentist treated me and the options that were offered to me. Highly recommend 🙂

  • My experience with Rickard Dental Centre could be described briefly in “feeling happier each time I visit my dentist there. However, one more word would illustrate what is distinguished there; it is QUALITY.

  • A place for all types of dental treatment. A one stop surgery. They treat children, adults and have a specialist orthodontist.Their prices are affordable and accept payment plans too. I highly recommend this dental centre. The place is very clean and everything they used was packed in sealed bags and opened infront of me. I’m very impressed. Thank you for taking care of me and my family.

  • Professional and caring staff.The perfect place for families and kids. My daughter was petrified of the dentist but Nada at Rickard Dental Centre made her feel at ease. She spoke to her throughout her appointment, reassured and explained each step.She showed her all the tools and explained how each one worked. She is gentle, patient and very passionate about her work. As a mother I highly recommend her and all the staff at Rickard Dental Centre.

Experience world-class dentistry with every dental specialty under one roof.

Seven Dental Specialists

We accept more than 20 insurance companies 

Access to high-quality dental laboratories

In-house Imaging

CBCT and OPG Imaging

Bespoke 3D Dental Imaging and Printing