Crestal bone loss may present a risk to the long-term integrity and aesthetics of dental implants. After all, drastic crestal bone changes occur when we lose a tooth/teeth. The case is similar (could be slower or less severe) when an implant was placed.

Does it mean implants are not perfect?

For many patients, an implant procedure is still the ideal way for replacing a missing tooth. That’s because an implant is considered to be “permanent.” It may also look and feel more natural.


Other advantages of implants over dentures and bridges are:


  • Implants are more stable (they don’t shift)
  • You clean the implants just like your natural teeth (you can’t take them off)
  • Implants help preserve your jawbone and maintain the contour of your face (result of better stability)
  • Chewing and speaking become more natural

Implants still have disadvantages

With all the mentioned benefits, some patients still weigh the disadvantages such as:


  • Crestal bone changes
  • Several months of treatment and recovery required
  • Expensive (but could be better planned through convenient financing options)
  • Additional procedures might be required (e.g. sinus augmentation and bone material grafting)

For instance, bone changes surrounding the implants may affect aesthetics (e.g. implant might become misaligned or the results can be far from the patient’s expectations). This shows that implant procedures are not yet perfect. Good news is dentists perform additional procedures to mitigate the risks.


Many patients are already aware of the disadvantages mentioned above. Fortunately, they still choose to have an implant to replace missing teeth. The treatment and recovery may take up to a year in total. But the long-term results could be worth it.

Other risks and is implant still right for you?

It’s a huge decision which is why you should weigh all the risks and estimate the amount of time and money required. In addition, you should also be aware of the possible complications and additional procedures required.


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