Full Mouth Implants

Full mouth implants are pricey and yet they provide a permanent solution to missing teeth. In addition, implants provide more comfort and stability. As a result, you feel more natural and confident when eating or speaking.

Other advantages of full mouth dental implants

Aside from being a permanent solution, you’ll also gain the following benefits from implants:


  • Jawbone stays intact (dentures may cause bone deterioration around the lost tooth/teeth)
  • Implants are easier to maintain (brushing and flossing like natural teeth)
  • No need for maintenance, repair or replacement in the long term (implants mostly made from titanium alloy may last up to 15 years)
  • No worries when chewing any type of food
  • No wear and tear for adjacent teeth

Are dental implants right for me?

Many patients prefer implants over dentures and bridgework because of the implants’ permanence, comfort and natural feel. Dental implants require a huge investment in money ($3,000 to $10,000) and time (up to 9 months of recovery period). But the investment can be worth it if you focus on the long term.


Before the implant procedure takes place, dentists first examine the following:


  • The health of the gums (to ensure integrity and stability of implant)
  • Is there enough jawbone for the implants to attach to?
  • Is bone grafting required to artificially add more support and security to the implants?
  • Is a sinus lift needed? (sinuses might be too close to the jaw)

In other words, there might be additional expenses and procedures required depending on your condition. It’s recommended to be aware of the timeline and total costs before committing to the procedure.

What to expect from your first dental implant procedure

First, the dentists will perform a comprehensive dental exam and create a tailored treatment (that accounts your jawbone’s condition and other factors). Then, the following procedures will take place:


  • Removal of damaged tooth/teeth (if there’s any and you opt for replacement)
  • Jawbone will be prepared for surgery (bone grafting might be required)
  • After healing, metal post/s might be attached to your jawbone
  • After several months of healing, the oral surgeon might finally place the abutment and the crown to complete the procedure

Costs and financing the implants

Implant procedures are pricey and the costs might not be aligned with your current budget plans. That’s why here at Rickard Dental Centre we offer interest-free payment options. This way, the surgery can be done as soon as possible without you worrying about the payment.


Implants may cost several thousands of dollars. Also take note the possible additional procedures such as tooth extraction, bone grafting and gum treatment. More importantly, you should get a clear idea of the timeline so you can better plan accordingly.


Contact us today here at Rickard Dental Centre if you require more information about the procedure. You can schedule an appointment and quickly know about your options and the costs involved in full implants. We might also provide you with more suitable options such as All on 4 treatment. Our dental clinic is located at Suite 11, 1-5 Jacobs Street Bankstown NSW 2200, Sydney AUSTRALIA (Entry via Rickard Road).