Lip Enhancement & Dermal Fillers

Lip Enhancement and Dermal Fillers are becoming popular because people want to achieve that truly perfect smile. After all, it’s not just about the teeth. It’s also about the surrounding lips and skin.


Even small imperfections and asymmetries can affect the smile. People might’ve noticed that there’s something off with their smiles. Or, they want to make their lips and smile more attractive.


Whichever is the case, Rickard Dental Centre can provide a safe and effective treatment appropriate for your case. We can start with an initial consultation and create a personalised plan for you.

Why dentists do it

Aside from having the required knowledge in facial anatomy, dentists also have gained an expertise in the relationship between the teeth and lips. The two must complement each other so you can achieve a beautiful and attractive smile.


They can also work on the fine lines and wrinkles to further improve your smile. Injections may help accomplish that. In addition, Dermal Fillers are also applied to make the skin plump and achieve a youthful appearance.


Many patients request it all together so they can be more confident with how they show their teeth and happiness. Dentists can create the best combination of procedures specifically for your case.

What happens during the procedure?

Dermal fillers might be made up of hyaluronic gel injected into the target areas. The result is more volume thereby creating plumpness.


On the other hand, Lip Enhancement may require addition of synthetic or biological products to the target site. Dentists are able to successfully do this because of their years of study in the lower half area of the face.


The overall treatment and results may vary depending on your condition. It’s important that the results will significantly improve your appearance. The requested appearance of the lip might not be appropriate to the facial and teeth structure.

Lip enhancement & dermal fillers Bankstown

Here at Rickard Dental Centre, we consider several factors before performing the procedures. We analyse the past, present and future of your smile in detail. This way, we can achieve the optimal results you always deserve.


Call us today at (02) 9708 6700 and book an appointment. We can discuss the possibilities of further improving your smile.