Teeth Jewellery

Teeth jewellery is a way to further beautify your smile with the use of sparkling stones. It’s purely for decorative purposes and doesn’t correct any misalignment of teeth or appearance of gaps.


People choose this to further beautify their smile. After all, one of the few things you’d remember from people is their smile. The added jewellery can help in capturing more attention and possibly making a fashion statement.

How it’s done

Back then the only way is to drill on the teeth and fix the stones on the surface. It’s risky because it can damage the enamel and even permanently fracture the teeth. It’s an irreversible process where you can see the effects for years to come.


Good news is there are now safer ways to place the crystal stones. What’s better is that the stones can be removed anytime by the dentist. In other words, it doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. You can try it and if you later changed your mind, you can request for the removal of the decorative stones from your teeth.

Other important considerations

Teeth jewellery is an easy way to stand out and be unique. However, these may require extra effort on your part. After all, they need to be maintained and the stones could be potential sites for bacteria to grow.


That’s why excellent oral hygiene is required to maintain oral health while keeping your awesome smile. You might need to visit the dentist more often to ensure the decorative stones are not compromising your oral health.


How long do these things last? Longevity always largely depends on maintenance and care. The dentist may advise you of the best ways to maintain them.


Can you put the jewellery yourself? Take note that any type of mishandling could result to a disaster. In addition, you might not be able to place them perfectly. After all, your goal is to further improve your smile. Wrong placement will take you away from that goal.

Are there other ways to improve your smile?

Have you considered teeth whitening? What about dental veneers? These are good ways to improve your smile and boost your self-confidence. If your teeth are a few shades whiter, it will make a huge difference to your smile.


But if you still prefer “decorative dentistry,” you can contact us here at Rickard Dental Centre so you can know your options.